The Maya Home Device

A revolutionary device designed to empower breastfeeding mothers with important information  regarding their breast milk

The device

Small, light and intuitive, the Maya device was designed with “ease-of-use” in mind. Simply turn it on, insert the disposable stick in the bottom slot, add a milk sample at its designated location and close the lid. The test will automatically begin and the results will be transferred from the device to the connected smartphone application via Bluetooth.


The stick

Each stick contains a variety of nutritional tests, ranging from vitamins to protein content! The sticks arrive in sealed packaging and are designed for single use. Each stick also contains self-validation tests to ensure precise results.

The application

The Maya user-friendly application is designed to be your one-stop shop for all your breastfeeding needs. It stores and displays your nutritional tests information, as single results and on graphs, allowing you to follow up on the changes in your breastmilk as your child develops. It can also serve as a breastfeeding journal, be used to connect to breastfeeding specialists or dieticians and contains an in-house store to buy nutritional supplements or more Maya sticks.