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Innovative Home Device for Breastmilk Diagnosis

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2 PCTs at
Patent-Pending status

Part of BIOGIV
The prestigious Hebrew University Program

Graduate of the AtoBe Accelerator

Helsinki Committee Approved for research on Human Breastmilk

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A small quantity of milk is all that is needed!

Test at your own convenience, at home, with no fuss


Breast Milk Nutritional Content

Quick and easy to understand results

User-Friendly interface and application, which stores and displays all your results

From Laboratory Tests to a simple Home Device


Maya is an innovative home device that uses patent pending technology to quantify the nutritional composition of breast milk.
Maya can be used daily, weekly or as frequently as desired. Tests include:
Proteins    Vitamins    Sugars    Fats    …and more!
Empowering the mother with important  information to confidently breastfeed her child.

The Maya home device is accompanied by a user-friendly application which displays results clearly and graphically.

Increasing Breastfeeding Awareness

Empowering with information

Dedicated to the Mother and Child’s wellbeing


Stored Milk

The Maya Home Device allows for any care giver to test the nutritional composition of stored milk, via the Thawed Milk setting. This provides the care giver with ample information regarding the quality of the stored breast milk, thus allowing him or her to make an informed decision on the freshness of the milk.